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18k White Gold Custom Iced Out Glasses

$275.00 USD

These beautiful 18k White Gold Custom Iced Out Glasses are made with a thick layer of 0.5 micron 18k white gold, plated over premium stainless steel - which helps the gold stay for a very long time without fading or losing its shine.

The stones we use in these glasses are 5A cubic zirconia stones (the most expensive cubic zirconia stones) that reflect with different accents to any type of light, at any time of the day and make your appearance noticeable anywhere.

The glass is a standard clear glass with no prescription. If you wish to replace your regular glass with a prescription glass, you can freely visit your local Optometrist.

To ensure customer's satisfaction from our high quality 18k 18k White Gold Custom Iced Out Glasses, we are giving you a lifetime guarantee on this product!

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