BIG SALE!!! Use code "FREEZER" at checkout to get 25% OFF NOW!!  ALL ORDERS ARRIVE ON TIME!

BIG SALE!!! Use code "FREEZER" at checkout to get 25% OFF NOW!!  ALL ORDERS ARRIVE ON TIME!

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5mm White Gold Tennis Chain Set - Three Pieces

$350.00 USD
First chain - size
Second chain - size
Third chain - size

This set includes:
- 3 x 5mm white gold tennis chains

Each tennis chain from SKRT is made with a very thick layer of 18k gold, heavily plated over premium stainless steel - which makes the chains stay shiny forever, NO FADING GUARANTEED!

The stones we use in these specific chains are top quality 4mm wide AAA cubic zirconia stones with the highest cut level that reflect with different accents to any type of light, at any time of the day and make your appearance noticeable anywhere!

We designed our tennis chains with a triple lock just to make sure it always stays on you and never falls off - one click and two clasps, one from each side.

To ensure customer's satisfaction from our high quality jewelry, we are giving you a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!

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