What is Cubic Zirconia?

Cubic Zirconia, simply stylized as CZ, is a competitively priced alternative to diamond. It has most of the qualities that make up diamond. The crystalline material of the element is largely influenced by adjustments made to it in a laboratory.

Commercial fabrication of CZ was influenced by an increase in demand that was witnessed in the early 70s.

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There is a tendency of people to refer to Cubic Zirconia as an imitation, faux or fake because it mimics the properties of real diamonds. It is worth noting that the element is exceedingly beautiful on its own. It shouldn’t be thought of as a real diamond. Otherwise, problems might arise when it is presented or misinterpreted as genuine diamond.

Cubic Zirconia is defined by its unique characteristics that set it apart from diamond.

Some outstanding properties of CZ include:

  • A piece of Cubic Zirconia bears more weight than a diamond of similar size. However, it isn’t as hard. On the Mohs scale, CZ has an 8.5 rating while diamond is rated at 10.
  • Jewelry stores are likely to provide a karat weight list denoted as ‘diamond equivalent.’ This serves the purpose of elaborating how CZ compares to a similar size of diamond.
  • There are numerous selections of splendid jewelry made from CZ on online stores all over the world.
  • Just like diamond, Cubic Zirconia can be adjusted to popular shapes and cuts.
  • White CZ is almost colorless. We like to think of it as a somewhat perfect element.
  • You get extra flashes of color than in regular diamond.
  • Nowadays, CZ contains a coating that increases the durability of the stone and makes it resemble true diamonds. A jeweler is likely to note the difference very quickly.
  • You can find colorful varieties of Cubic Zirconia.

What is Cubic Zirconia’s Grading System?

The evaluation of CZ can be carried out based on the qualities that are considered in other gemstones such as diamond. The popular Four Cs rule might be applied. The four Cs denote cut, clarity, color, and carat weight.

Nevertheless, the grading of CZ takes on a slightly different approach.

  • The quality arrived at by different manufacturers varies. Some types are considered as more desirable than others, and one characteristic that is used to separate them is their clarity.
  • A five-tiered system is put in place. It consists of a combination of the letter ‘A’, with the highest grade being AAAAA and the lowest being A. Most stores don’t use this grade while selling their wares. Instead, the grade is viewed when one intends to purchase cubic zirconia on a wholesale basis.

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