What Does Gold Plated Jewelry Mean?

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What is gold plated jewelry?

This is an affordable option to acquiring jewelry made from pure gold. The ornaments give you an exquisite style and spirited look without breaking your wallet with the high prices that regular gold ornaments command. It is an ideal jewelry option if you like wearing your accessories on an occasional basis.

There are several levels of quality when it comes to gold plating. Factors that influence the quality include:

  • The purity and thickness of the coat
  • The effort put in by the craftsmanship
  • The base metal incorporating in the plating process

What is gold plating?

The process of gold plating involves bonding a thin gold layer to a base metal. The most popular metals used to plate jewelry are rhodium and gold.

It achieves the expensive look without involving the high cost associated with premium jewelry. It is hard to tell apart budget-friendly gold plated jewelry from expensive gold pieces.

How does gold plating work?

The process of plating a base metal with gold is relatively easy. Generally, it involves the following steps:

  1. The jewelry is cleaned to get rid of pollutants. This is a particularly crucial step that seeks to eliminate elements such as oil and dirt in the base metal which affect the quality of the gold bonding. Popular methods of cleaning include ultrasonic cleaning, steam cleaning and electro cleaning.
  2. A thin layer of premium-quality nickel is introduced on the base element, to shield the metals from reacting and contaminating the liquefied gold.
  3. Finally, the jewelry is given a dip in a healthy amount of liquid gold. A positive charge is introduced to the mixture to facilitate rapid fusion of gold to the base element. Once the appropriate thickness is achieved, the jewelry is extracted from the container and dried by hanging.

What elements can be gold plated?

Gold can be added to metals such as brass, copper, nickel, silver and stainless steel. Modern industrial methods have created ways of gold plating Cubic Zirconia, an ornament that resembles real diamonds and is used in making elegant pendants, chains and necklaces.

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What is the most desirable gold plating thickness?

We consider our gold plated jewelry as the finest in its class. This is because we love selling products that don’t fade even when exposed to rough conditions and weather. All our products come with a lifetime guarantee for that matter.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that thin gold layers wear off pretty easily. Generally, the thickness of a gold coat ranges from .17 to 2.5 microns.

All our gold plated ornaments consist of a 2.5 micron thick coat for maximum durability. You won’t have to deal with tarnishing or need for replenishment.

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