How to Choose the Right Valentine's Jewelry Gift for Women

Gifting women is possibly the simplest thing on the planet. Women adore everything: food, flowers, plants, and, of course, jewelry! 

From our store, the choices are limitless, from the Tennis choker to the Cuban necklace or a set of bracelets. So how do you decide? 

Here's how you choose the piece she adores, plus great suggestions from our store. 

Pay close attention. 

Women are very vocal about their desires. Unlike men, women are not afraid to express their feelings about what they like and dislike. So, if you want to give your lady a piece she will treasure, pay close attention. 

They'll drop hints like, "There's a set of necklaces she has been eyeing" or "she's been saving for the Tennis white gold choker." And she may do so unconsciously at times without intending to give you that information. As a result, to hit the nail on the head, always be attentive; she has most likely mentioned what she wants for Valentine's Day a couple of times. 

Luckily for you , SKRT's Tennis Collection has a wide selection to choose from. The Choker only retails at $175, and you can select from a variety of 3mm-6mm white and yellow gold. 

Take into account her preferences. 

Does your lady prefer modern sleek designs, or perhaps a flashy statement piece? 

Making a choice does not have to be stressful. 

If she appreciates the finer things in life, go for the flashy and glam. Ideally, go for the Cuban collection necklaces that retail at $245 or the sets of necklaces with a Cuban and a pendant. The Kleopatra set costs $540, and it will woo her for sure. 

If she is more laid-back, perhaps the 3mm yellow or rose gold rope pieces with a pendant to match her style is a better option.  


With these pointers, gifting jewelry to your lovely wife, daughter, mother, or female friend this Valentine's Day and others to come will never be the same! You now have a cheat sheet for getting it right, plus a place to get them. So go all out for that woman you adore and get her something she will appreciate for a lifetime.

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