How to Choose the Right Valentine's Jewelry Gift for Men

Valentine's Day is the second most anticipated holiday after New Year's. Most people refer to it as lover's Day when people go out of their way to show their special partners how much they appreciate them by showering them with love in the way they know best.

So, what kind of jewelry would you give your Valentine on this happy occasion?

Let's look into it and see how you can choose the best jewelry gifts for Valentine's Day. Please make use of the following hints plus the amazing suggestions you can get from our store. 

How do you give a man a memorable jewelry gift?

SKRT has you covered without needing to break the bank. 

You can get a white gold rope chain with or without a Pendant or go all out and get them the 18mm yellow Bugatti chain.

You see, we have pieces that meet all your budgets; and if needed, you can use quadpay to split your purchase into 4 interest-free payments. 

What is their favorite piece? 


If your boyfriend enjoys wearing bracelets, get him either a Tennis, Cuban, or the Sets in our collection.

The Tennis collection is perfect for a guy who likes a simple statement piece. Here, we have pieces like the 3mm White Gold Signature Tennis Bracelet also available in Yellow Gold. The sizes range from 3mm to 6mm and are available in yellow and white gold. And guess what? 

They are all $95!

The Cuban collection is ideal for a guy that loves their hand blinged up with a chunky chain. The sizes range from 12mm to 18mm, and the colors are Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, and White Gold. 

When it comes to the sets, these are a good option if the man you wish to gift is a bit flashy or if you just can’t decide which to pick!

The bracelet sets include multiple bracelet combinations which range from $165 to around $375. 


Tennis chains are versatile because you can wear them with a pendant , with a cuban chain, or by themselves. 

The Cuban Chain, just like the bracelet, is the guy who loves some icy bling that seals the deal! They are available in both 12mm or 18mm in rose gold, yellow, or white gold. And the price range is $255 to $350. 

Then there is the lightweight 3mm Gold Rope Chain. These layer brilliantly and are paired best with pendants. They are available in white, yellow, and rose gold, all at 3mm for only $65.

Last but not least is a collection of awe-inspiring pendants of various figures. We have the legendary Stewie griffin, the cross, and the Hamsa hand, to mention a few. It's quite a collection that you need to check frequently because new and limited released products are always added!

Bottom line

Gifting the men in your life a thoughtful jewelry piece may seem hard, but it is easier than you think. With the suggestions given, you should already have an idea for the next Valentine. Men enjoy receiving gifts too, so give that man some jewelry; he deserves it.

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