How to Choose the Right Gold Color for Your Diamond Pendant?

When looking through gold settings, you will realize that there are three options for you: yellow gold, rose gold and white gold.

The difference arises in the composition and color. Selecting the right gold color for your diamond pendant is mostly a personal preference concern. To some extent, the price and composition of the gold color could determine your decision.

White Gold

White gold is manufactured by blending pure gold with white metals such as palladium or nickel. The introduction of other metals serves to make the gold stronger and enhance the durability of jewelry.

The value of the gold produced depends on whether it is 14K or 18K, the vendor and the ratio of metals mixed with the pure gold.

White gold pros include:

  • It is not as costly as platinum.
  • It is a popular gold color.
  • The alloys used to strengthen white gold make it stronger than yellow gold.
  • It complements rosy or fair skin tones.
  • White gold is a good match for white diamond pieces. It complements them excellently.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is produced by mixing pure gold with copper and zinc. The volume of pure gold in the final jewelry is determined by the Karat value of the gold:

  • 24 Karat gold results in 99% purity
  • 22 Karat gold results in 91.7% purity
  • 18 Karat gold results in 75% purity
  • 14 Karat results in 58.3% purity

As observed above, purity increases with as the karat value increases. Nevertheless, higher karat value produces less durable jewelry. In this light, jewelers go for 14K or 18K when making ornaments such as diamond pendants.

Yellow gold pros

  • It is the most appropriate color for antique settings.
  • It is the most pure gold color.
  • It is relatively easier to maintain than other gold colors.
  • It complements darker and olive skin tones magnificently.

What to Choose: Yellow or White Gold?

This decision is largely a matter of personal taste. If you want a lustrous look, go for white gold. For a luminous tone, choose yellow gold. If your skin tone is dark or olive, yellow gold color will perfectly enhance your look.

Rose Gold

Rose gold contains silver and copper alloys mixed with pure gold. The rose color is brought about by the addition of the alloys. If more copper is used, the gold takes on a reddish tone.

Does it tarnish over time? No. But like other gold colors, it is good to clean and polish the jewelry to preserve the original look.

Rose gold pros

  • It is considered as the most romantic color because of its attractive color.
  • It is potentially the least expensive gold color.
  • It naturally complements all kinds of skin tones.
  • Extremely durable and tougher than white and yellow gold.

All hassles aside, putting together the perfect diamond pendant that has a suitable gold color should be a task for the experts. At Ice Cold Diamonds, you will get personalized assistance while you look through our collection of high quality accessories.

We are determined to gift you a setting that will capture the hearts of many, and turn the heads of even more people. And you won’t break your bank either, you can trust us on that!


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