How to Choose The Right Birthday Jewelry Gift for Women

Above Model: Suzanne styled in a 18mm Yellow Gold Bugatti Necklace with 4mm White Gold Tennis choker and Yellow Gold Trap House Baguette Pendant. On her wrist are two 5mm Yellow Gold Tennis Bracelets.  


When you receive a gift from someone, it lets you know that you are appreciated and loved. The feeling is one of overwhelming happiness and contentment, especially if the gift has a personal touch to it. 

Everyone loves receiving jewelry gifts on their birthdays; the question is, what should you get her? 

Keep reading to find out. 

Get Her Silver Earrings  

What person does not adore silver? Whether a man or a woman! 

Silver and gold are adored by all, so what better way to express your love and appreciation than to give your lady friend, spouse, daughter, mother, or grandmother a pair of silver earrings? 

Go for either the 5mm or the 7mm solid 925 silver earrings. They look amazing and she will love them, no doubt about that. 

They will be overjoyed and delighted to wear them with every piece of clothing that matches. 



Above: Model Danny styled with the Princess Set and 6mm White Gold Tennis Necklace Set.  

Get Her a Necklace 

Do you know the kinds of necklaces sold in pairs or even triplets that look amazing? Get her that. For twin sets, you can go with the Princess set or the Medusa; for triple sets select the Kloepatra and Rhea sets. 

If perhaps these sets are a bit too flashy for her, the 6mm White Gold Double Tennis Necklace will be best for a simpler look. 

If you get her any of the mentioned, she will consider it one of the sweetest gestures and she will cherish these pieces for life. 

Get Her a Statement Bracelet 

Every sophisticated lady has a couple of statement jewelry pieces she adores: one of which must be a statement bracelet like the elegant 3mm Signature Tennis Bracelet or the flashy 18mm Yellow Bugatti link bracelet. So, for her birthday, go out and buy her the "IT" bracelet that matches her personality. 

The piece you choose should make a statement, so go for bright colors, such as white gold set. It's an "IT" bracelet, so there's nothing wrong with going all out this once. 


Get Her an Anklet  

Anklets are very sexy piece of jewelry. So why not get her the 12mm White Gold Cuban link anklet or maybe take it a level higher and get a set. The 12mm Cuban link anklet set in white and yellow gold or in any other combinations would be divine. 

Fun fact: did you know that at one time women wore anklets to symbolize their marital status? 


Take Away  

If she means a lot to you, she deserves everything. Please give it to her on her birthday along with a valuable piece of jewelry. If you surprise her with any of the above, she will remember that special day for the rest of her life. 

Now, go forth and surprise your queen on her special day with her dashing crown. 


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