How to Choose the Perfect Diamond Tennis Chain

A tennis chain is an elegant piece of jewelry that has small diamonds linked to a thin metal chain made from precious metal. The chain may be made from platinum or gold.

The origin of the tennis chain can be traced to the US Open held in 1978. During the event, Chris Evert, a professional player, misplaced her precious diamond chain as she played. She requested the officials to stop the match so that she could find her chain. The search was aired to a number of TV viewers as well.

The series of events that took place on that day led to the adoption of the term ‘tennis chain’. Previously, it was marketed as ‘the line diamond’ because of the way the diamonds are arranged in a linear pattern. The arrangement is still used in some types of diamond chains to date.

Since then, tennis players and viewers have adopted the culture of wearing diamond chains.

There are several types of chains that one can buy.

How do you know the perfect diamond tennis chain?

Like other jewelry pieces, the reputation of the diamond tennis chain has increased as a result of a popularized event, as opposed to its origin. The quality of the chain is largely influenced by two factors.

  • The size of the adorable diamond to be linked to a precious chain.
  • The type and quality of the metal used to make the chain.

The Diamond

  • Color

The general rule is that the quality of the diamond increases with the purity in its color. This does not apply to diamonds that have fancy colors.

  • Clarity

The clarity of tennis chains is not considered as much as the color. This is because the pieces installed are too tiny to be viewed by the naked eye from far.

  • Uniformity

It is important for the grade color of the diamonds to be uniform in all stones. Don’t buy a diamond chain that appears to have patches of randomly arranged yellow and white diamonds. That kind of style can’t work anywhere!

The Tennis Chain Structure

Appropriate diamond settings

Scrutinize the style used to mount individual pieces of diamonds to the chain. The setting should ensure that no piece can fall easily and that it is protected from hits. Settings that hold each stone by four prongs are an excellent choice.

  • Links

What do the links on the tennis chain look like? You want links that are sturdy and those that won’t break easily when pulling pressure is exerted on the chain.

  • Clasp

Check whether the clasp closes safely and cannot be opened easily. It should be solid enough to withstand pressure without breaking or bending.

  • Flexibility

You want a flexible diamond chain. A rigid one can easily break when twisted (and you are likely to twist it when wearing it). To test the chain for flexibility, try dangling it and observe what happens. A flexible chain will hang without kinking.

Where to buy Perfect Diamond Tennis Chains

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