How to Choose Silver-Colored Jewelry For Men

Whether you’re gifting your partner or treating yourself, buying the perfect silver jewelry piece will make anyone feel like a million bucks, especially if it’s covered in glistening diamonds. But like anything a lot of thought needs to go into the purchasing process. Here are things you should consider when choosing the best silver colored jewelry.


Always Start with Quality

Make sure you purchase jewelry from a reputable and trustworthy seller. You want to ensure that you’re purchasing from a retailer that provides honest insight into the material of the jewelry.   

Generally when it comes to jewelry you want to make sure it’s made from quality material. This means you’re going for something that doesn’t tarnish or fade in colour. Keep in mind that quality doesn’t always imply expensive pieces. Over in our men’s jewelry collection, you can find a wide range of affordable silver-colored chains and earrings to choose from. Each piece was hand crafted from durable metals to ensure it can handle everyday wear.  

Know the Material

Silver-colored jewelry isn’t always made from silver. There are many types of non-silver material that appear silver in colour but are an entirely different metal.

  • Sterling Silver

100% silver is too soft to be made into jewelry. As such, you’ve mostly stumbled across sterling silver. Sterling silver is a mix of silver and a range of other metals. With this mix in alloys, sterling silver is more suitable for everyday wear. 

  • White Gold

While it appears like silver, white gold has its own set of distinct characteristics. White gold is more durable and is less prone to tarnish in comparison to silver. You can find a large collection of iced out white gold jewelry on our site.

  • Platinum

Platinum is one of the most resistant metals out of all precious metals. This metal is durable, heavy and tarnish free, making it rare and more expensive than silver.

Keep in mind, all of these metals come at different cost with sterling silver at the lowest price point and platinum at the highest in this list. You should go for a silver-colored jewelry piece that can match what you’re willing to spend.  

Matching with Outfits and Skin Tone

There are no set rules in regard to personal style. However silver colored jewelry does look better on some more than others when you consider skin tone and the colour of an outfit.

Generally if you have a cooler skin tone, silver jewelry would be more flattering on you. If the veins on your wrist are blue and purple this is a strong indication that you have a cooler skin tone, so use this as reference. Also wearing a cool colored toned outfit will compliment silver jewelry more as well.

No matter the material or finish, silver-colored jewelry can make for a perfect gift. For special occasions or everyday wear, silver-colored jewelry can add that layer of luxury and class that many are looking for in an outfit.  

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