How many carats will my Jewelry be equal to? Millimeters compared to Carats.

 The stones we use in all of our jewelry are high clarity & color 3-5A cubic zirconia stones. Cubic zirconia stones go by a grade ranging from 1A to 5A as far as the quality and as far as the size, they go by mm (millimeters)


Cubic Zirconia that are rated AAA are usually more highly polished than A grade stones. They tend to have more luster and shine. 

Below is the equality of a millimeter size to the dimensions in carats:
3mm = 0.10-0.12cts 
4mm = 0.24-0.26cts
5mm = 0.48-0.52cts
6mm = 0.75-0.80cts
7mm = approximately 1.3cts
8mm = approximately 2cts
*cts= carats 

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