Everything You Need to Know About Tennis Chains

Are you planning to buy new jewelry? Are you confused about which chain will go with your pendant? Let’s make your search easier. SKRT suggests you opt for tennis chains this year. Moreover, SKRT has a huge range of tennis chains from 3mm to 6mm; certainly, you wilfind something that will suit your style and budget. All the jewelry at SKRT is gold plated in 18K on stainless steel and consists of the highest quality AAA cubic zirconia stones. 

Above: Model Karina styled with a 6mm White Gold Tennis Choker


History of tennis chains 

There’s a very interesting story behind how the tennis chain got its name. It all started when Christ Evert’s diamond bracelet broke during a tennis match. Christ Evert stopped the match until her bracelet was found. Since then, these beautiful bracelets got the name of tennis bracelets. Similarly, the chains were called tennis chains. 

Quality of tennis chains 

You can assess the quality of tennis chains with the help of the following aspects: 

Material: All of SKRT tennis chains are made of the highest quality 316 Stainless steel and as a result, SKRT offers a lifetime guarantee that the chains will never fade. All of the tennis chains have AAA Cubic Zirconia which are brilliant and sure to turn heads.  

Color: SKRT offers tennis chains in both White Gold and Yellow Gold 

Durability of the tennis chain 

Links: links of the chain are strong and will not break even if the chain is pulled hard. 

Clasps: SKRT tennis chains have a strong clasp with two reassuring loops for confidence that the chains will not come loose.  

Versatility of the tennis chain 

Whether you are looking for a statement piece or a complementary piece, you can be sure that a tennis chain will fit the part.  

Material chosen to make the tennis chain 

The material that is used to make the tennis chain will determine the price and durability of the tennis chains. All the jewelry at SKRT is made using the highest quality 316 stainless steel. Choosing the right material for the jewelry is very important. If you want a tennis chain for everyday wear, then go for the one gold plated on stainless steel.  You can find them HERE

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