Best Affordable Hip Hop Chains and Pendants for Adults

Are you looking for the best affordable hip hop chains for adults? If your answer is “Yes”, then You are at the right place. Choosing the right hip hop jewelry is tedious work; but have no fear, SKRT is here to help you gain the knowledge to confidently pick the best styles that match your individuality. All of our jewelry is gold plated in 18K gold and it is available in white, yellow, and rose gold; additionally, all of our designs use the highest quality AAA Cubic zirconia stones which shine bright under any light. While there are different types of hip hop jewelry that come to mind, none are more iconic than the cuban link chains and pendants. 

The history of hip hop jewelry will take you almost fifty years back. When DJ Kool Herc used to wear it during his famous block parties in 1970. Other rappers like LL Cool J, Run DMC, and Slick Rick followed the trend during their shows.  With the passage of time, it grown up from its disco-inspired, block party roots to a multi-dimensional art form. And adopted by millions of America's mainstreams.  


Chains are a staple item in hip hop jewelry. cuban chains and tennis chains have become increasingly popular over the years and over time, and the chains themselves have evolved into something new. Iced out cuban chains are now a must, and they are sure to make a statement. Rope chains have always been desired due to their minimalist design, strength, and durability. They are perfect for holding up a pendant without the need to add too much weight on your neck. On the other hand, tennis chains have the most shine out of the bunch. Tennis chains vary from 3 to 6mm are can be worn in layers or as accent to other chains; they also are excellent for pendants. SKRT has the best affordable hip hop chains available: You can find our selection here. 


Pendants are some of the more attractive and unique pieces of jewelry. It is the centerpiece that attracts someone's attention within seconds. Pendants allow you to add a touch of personality to your jewelry ensemble. No matter what style of chain you have, SKRT can assist you to find the perfect pendant. 

SKRT has a large variety of gold pendants; all pendants are iced out in AAA cubic zirconia stones, so they are guaranteed to keep shining day in and day out.  

New designs are always being added so make sure to check out our latest designs.  

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