Best Affordable Chains to Buy

Finding the perfect necklace can put a lot of stress on an individual; whether you need a last-minute gift or looking for the perfect accessory to complete an outfit. What style? What size? What color? At the end of the dayit boils down to how it makes you feel. Which is why every necklace we design at SKRT is constructed with the highest quality materials and gold plated in 18K gold to make you feel and look amazing.  

SRKT’s collection of necklaces will really take away the stress and anxiety of finding the perfect necklace. First it starts with educating yourself with the different styles of necklaces available: 



Tennis chains will give you the most shine out of the collection. They are available in white or yellow gold, and they come in a range of stone sizes from 3mm-to-6mm. Tennis chains are classy and look great by themselves; stacked in numbers; and with other chain styles. 


Cuban chains are stylish; modern, and fun. SKRT’s collection includes a range of sizes which include 8mm; 12mm; and 18mm so you have options depending on how you feel and what your personality is. They also come in either yellow, white or rose gold. Depending on the chain style, they can be fitted with baguettes, round, or emerald cut stones and they are ready to make a statement when you are.  


Rope chains are the only option without stones but don’t let that fool you into thinking they do not shine. The rope chains are made with a spiral pattern which find and reflects any light shining on it and they are available in yellow, white, rose gold. They are perfect for the minimalist but also perfect for pendants. The lightweight and small design can thread the needle on the smallest of pendant bails.  

Now that you have familiarized yourself with the different styles of necklaces, making your selection should be less stressful. Know that there are options for pendants on every style of necklace you choose and when it comes to the number of necklaces you own, there is no such thing as too many.

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